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  1. Pierce releases several models for the Ascendant: a dual axle straight stick, a single axle tower ladder, and a tiller 😱

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    2. Michael P.

      Michael P.

      @HenryH BCFD I think the tiller is the biggest deal just because of the 7 extra feet like you said, but also the 750 lb payload capacity while lessening the weight by 4000 lbs. That's huge especially for hilly areas (Seattle area is what I'm thinking about). I honestly thought the dual axle Ascendants would be taller (Like 120' or more), but maybe that's in the future. Heck, at the rate they're going, they might be able to do a tiller tower soon. 

      As for the towers, I don't think they'll sell really well, just because I feel that the normal towers would suffice, plus those monitors are in an awful position. The towers actually remind me of the Rosenbauer Raptor, except with a lot more compartment space. Now, if we're talking about congested areas like Boston or the Northeast, there might be a market there; however, harsh winters would be a problem. The real question with the single-axle tower is: how long will that rig last if it's loaded with 500 gal of water along with the pump, and your standard tools? I get that they're trying to jam-pack the rig with every conceivable tool, but I don't think that's a great idea... 

    3. HenryH BCFD

      HenryH BCFD

      @Michael P. I agree completely about the towers, the bucket and monitor design is awful, and I just don't see a real market for it.  The size would be good for Boston, but with how loaded up it is, I think durability would be a major concern.  


    4. Michael P.

      Michael P.

      @HenryH BCFD Unless the pump and tank are removed, I see this kind of vehicle lasting 10 yrs tops even with maintenance. The buckets do provide a safer place to do vent work for 1 maybe 2 people, but I guess we will see what kind of reception Pierce will get. I do have high hopes for the dual axle straight stick and the tiller. I'd like to see LAFD or San Francisco get one of the Ascendant tillers, and I think it's the perfect kind of rig because it's much lighter than the current rigs, hence longer life span of the rig.