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  1. Reserve Rescue 509 is now in the gallery!

  2. Engine 202, 204, Squad 9, and Rescue 2 are in the gallery now! Also, Los Angelego County Fire Dept Engine 105 has been updated!

  3. Heavy Rescue 2 is now in the gallery!

  4. Truck 7 is in the gallery!

  5. Truck 9 is all completed! Check out the gallery for more info!

  6. Finished the Crown Firecoach/ Hi-ranger! Photos are in the gallery!

  7. New rig proposals in the gallery!

  8. New incident in the gallery! More pics can be found here!

  9. Reserve Trucks 501 and 502 are in the gallery! For more pics, visit our Instagram page here!

  10. Hazmat 1 is finally built and is up in the gallery! For more photos, visit our website at here!

  11. Brand new Truck 1, Rescue 1, and engine 201 are in the gallery. Several more rigs to come soon! 

  12. Reserve Engine 502 is now in the gallery! For more pics, check out FDCB's Instagram page!

  13. Pierce releases several models for the Ascendant: a dual axle straight stick, a single axle tower ladder, and a tiller 😱

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    2. Michael P.

      Michael P.

      @HenryH BCFD I think the tiller is the biggest deal just because of the 7 extra feet like you said, but also the 750 lb payload capacity while lessening the weight by 4000 lbs. That's huge especially for hilly areas (Seattle area is what I'm thinking about). I honestly thought the dual axle Ascendants would be taller (Like 120' or more), but maybe that's in the future. Heck, at the rate they're going, they might be able to do a tiller tower soon. 

      As for the towers, I don't think they'll sell really well, just because I feel that the normal towers would suffice, plus those monitors are in an awful position. The towers actually remind me of the Rosenbauer Raptor, except with a lot more compartment space. Now, if we're talking about congested areas like Boston or the Northeast, there might be a market there; however, harsh winters would be a problem. The real question with the single-axle tower is: how long will that rig last if it's loaded with 500 gal of water along with the pump, and your standard tools? I get that they're trying to jam-pack the rig with every conceivable tool, but I don't think that's a great idea... 

    3. HenryH BCFD

      HenryH BCFD

      @Michael P. I agree completely about the towers, the bucket and monitor design is awful, and I just don't see a real market for it.  The size would be good for Boston, but with how loaded up it is, I think durability would be a major concern.  


    4. Michael P.

      Michael P.

      @HenryH BCFD Unless the pump and tank are removed, I see this kind of vehicle lasting 10 yrs tops even with maintenance. The buckets do provide a safer place to do vent work for 1 maybe 2 people, but I guess we will see what kind of reception Pierce will get. I do have high hopes for the dual axle straight stick and the tiller. I'd like to see LAFD or San Francisco get one of the Ascendant tillers, and I think it's the perfect kind of rig because it's much lighter than the current rigs, hence longer life span of the rig.

  14. Brand new Engine 1 is in the gallery!

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    2. Michael P.

      Michael P.

      @~JD~ I wanted to test out how the body would fit a standard cab before I tried it on the Quantum. Now since the bodies will be modular, I can simply put the different body configurations on the various cabs that I have :D If you really want to see what it would look like, I suppose I can snap a few photos of what Engine 2 will look like in the future! 

    3. ~JD~


      Ah, okay that makes sense now. Well if you're offering to post some pics, I'm not gonna stop you! 😉 

    4. Michael P.

      Michael P.

      @~JD~ Check out the gallery mate 🤓

  15. 8 new photos in the gallery! I'd love to hear your thoughts on them!

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    2. HenryH BCFD

      HenryH BCFD

      @~JD~ The quick response vehicle concept is  a good idea; however, it is not the right fit for every department.  Arlington County FD is one department where it doesn't make much sense.  The call volume is rarely high to the point that running Engines to ALS calls causes availability issues.  Furthermore, reducing wear and tear on equipment is not as high of a concern for several reasons.  The first of these reasons is the moderate call volume; units get a fair amount of runs, but are not running constantly.  The second reason is that ACFD replaces apparatus every 5-7 years, they have a great contract with Pierce.  Plus, the Arrow XT chassis is built to handle higher call volumes.  

      To introduce a QRV system, either staffing would need to be increased to cover these new units, or they would have to be cross staffed by Engine companies.  For ACFD, and many other departments, increasing staffing would not provide enough benefits for the cost.  I personally am against cross staffing QRVs and Engine companies as it increases the amount of time the Engine would be unavailable for a fire suppression call.


    3. ~JD~


      @HenryH BCFD True, there will likely never be a one size fits all solution in the fire service. A big thing for Arlington is it's size, it a very small county and small Department so they wouldn't need such a resource, now D.C. However, could. Maintenance should be on there as well, but getting into all that is another conversation. 

       You can also reduce staff or look at the less used truck companies. Reducing staff in under used units can provide man power for the QRV, like air units, hazmats various support units that don't see much action, or they can even cross staff it if needed. Truck companies can also cross staff it since they don't see as much service as the engine and it will save wear on the truck. Phoenix uses a concept like that, called a ladder tender, it's like a light rescue, with ALS gear and limited truck gear. Grant it Phoenix is 4x larger than Arlington so they actually have a need for it. 

    4. HenryH BCFD

      HenryH BCFD

      Good points.  DC probably could use something like that though ever since AMR, they have had a better handle on things.  One thing they are trying to do to handle call volume for EMS is taking preventive measures, and setting up frequent flyers with the help they really need. 

      The one point I disagree with is the idea of reducing staffing on other companies.  I am a big believer in having at least 4 firefighters on every Engine, Truck and Rescue.