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  1. Rode third  engine to what became a four alarm engine last night

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    2. Lebby


      Yes, *fire looks like I was still a bit frazzled when I woke up. Apartment building (4 units burned out, 7 units in total uninhabitable)  

    3. ~JD~


      It's cool man, been there a couple times. Yeah, those apartment buildings, if you're not quick the whole thing is a total loss. Sometimes you're lucky with one loss and minor smoke/water damage and others, thirteen units lost with the building uninhabitable.

    4. Lebby


      Idk how many apartment fires I have been too certainly in the double digits, and I have seen it both ways. But when you roll up with fire blowing out of every units windows and the roof no where to be seen, you know you're gonna be in for a fight