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    2. Lebby


      The Recue Engine was technically Rescue Squad 833 when it happened was the pump was OOS. This leads to the question of why it was so close, which is against our General Orders. As far as donations go, while 33 lost all of their tools their truck should be under insurance, another Seagrave most likely. But, 28s while they saved the tools will not be covered all the way due to its age.

    3. T.J. Brammer

      T.J. Brammer

      I saw the video a few more times, and it looks worse than the rigs they pulled out of ground zero. But I hope Kentland and West Lanham Hills gets new rigs quick. But I think that the whole fire could have been prevented in some way.

    4. Lebby


      I know 33 already got the county's spare squad