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  1. Putting on my helmet going to an alarm activation, when our FEO hit the brakes to avoid hitting a short parked Chief's Car around a turn. Now have a laceration right on the center of my forehead.

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    2. BPVFD24


      Always ride backwards lol

    3. Dakota


      I'd argue that in order to "get on air" you need to remove your helmet to get your mask on. If you're getting out of your truck with your mask on you're just asking for your mask to fog up and impair your visibility and make yourself look bad. (Seen it happen firsthand) A good firefighter should be able to take a hoseline to the door and mask up on the porch in seconds. If not donning drills are a good way to practice.

    4. Lebby


      Agreed, since this event; I have severely rethought my routine. Via reading, watching (

      ), and practice. I now feel I'm on the road, to correcting my flaws.