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    (copied and pasted from Facebook)


    May I have your attention please:
    I recently received messages from some members of this group (and the LFC in general), who shall remain unnamed, asking why I sent them certain messages. I also received notifications that some people "accepted" my request to message them.
    After reviewing said messages, I do not recall sending a single one, and believe I have been hacked.
    With that said - if anyone received a message from me at any point asking for personal information, or if you're affiliated with (insert company, brand, etc.), it was not from me. I have never sent such a message, nor do I have reason to.

    I post here as, due to a reason or reasons I cannot explain, it seems mainly members of emergency-service related groups were sent these suspicious messages.

    I apologize for any inconvenience.



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    2. Edward O.

      Edward O.

      My sincerest apologies for attempting to let people know there's hackers that seem to be targeting members of emergency service groups around. I'm not the only one.

    3. Martijn Meijdam

      Martijn Meijdam

      You're welcome for my useless input, and despite popular belief, I cannot see through my screen into your actions, I am way to 1986 to have obtained a crystal ball, and honestly I don't have the willpower to make everything I do revolve around you, I am sorry for that flaw in my character, I will take no efford in fixing this.
      And I forgive you for giving the community zero proof, or give any credibility of this said hacking.

    4. ~JD~


      This definitely sounds like the Russians!