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  1. What's the absolute most reliable way to get parts for new rigs? PAB doesn't have the necessary parts and BL is either way too expensive or inconsistent in both price and parts in stock

    1. ~JD~


      Bricks and pieces via Lego is better than PAB, the selection is more up to date and often has the common fire builder parts. 

      For bricklink, you need to join the site as a buyer and create a wanted list of the parts you’re trying to find. The site will compile a list of the parts and the sellers that have the most of your wants in their store, which narrows down your search drastically. I don’t believe you can narrow the stores by payment method though so you’ll probably want to open a paypal account as well. (Helpful hint, don’t allow notifications for wanted parts postings unless you like sifting and deleting email all day!)

    2. Edward O.

      Edward O.

      Yeah that's what I've done with the wanted list. I've also got PayPal. It's just hard with all the inconsistent store stocks