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  1. A Tisket a Tasket - EB's hit the trash basket

    or so it seems. This place is dead.

    1. ~JD~


      You got some vitals and confirmation from a physician?

    2. Edward O.

      Edward O.

      Not sure where you're from but in my area we don't need Dr. confirmation to bag & tag

  2. Contemplating a Scope

  3. Favorite custom apparatus brand(s) and go


    Mine is Pierce

    1. ~JD~


      1. Pierce

      2. E-one

      3. SVI 

  4. Forgot to submit contest rigs. Darn. 

  5. New rigs coming!!

  6. What's the absolute most reliable way to get parts for new rigs? PAB doesn't have the necessary parts and BL is either way too expensive or inconsistent in both price and parts in stock

    1. ~JD~


      Bricks and pieces via Lego is better than PAB, the selection is more up to date and often has the common fire builder parts. 

      For bricklink, you need to join the site as a buyer and create a wanted list of the parts you’re trying to find. The site will compile a list of the parts and the sellers that have the most of your wants in their store, which narrows down your search drastically. I don’t believe you can narrow the stores by payment method though so you’ll probably want to open a paypal account as well. (Helpful hint, don’t allow notifications for wanted parts postings unless you like sifting and deleting email all day!)

    2. Edward O.

      Edward O.

      Yeah that's what I've done with the wanted list. I've also got PayPal. It's just hard with all the inconsistent store stocks

  7. Anyone know if Pierce could/would do a dual steer axle on a tiller?

    1. ~JD~


      Dual steer on the trailer axle? Not likely, it’d be to difficult to maneuver and hurt the effectiveness of the tiller. You’d get the same ability to turn like the standard tiller but likely not as sharp and the weight would be effected having a second axle, reducing valuable storage space.

    2. Edward O.

      Edward O.

      I'm less concerned with effectiveness of the tiller and more interested simply in whether someone would actually make it

    3. ~JD~


      Short answer- no, they would not. 

      Long answer- no, they would not because it’s ineffective.

  8. If y'all could pleaaaseee subscribe to my YouTube account that would be awesome!!!!


    thanks so much!

    1. Edward O.

      Edward O.

      It's all emergency services!!

  9. There needs to be a GoFundMe but for Lego.

    I simply have too much going on right now to spend more money on it and create new rigs.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ~JD~


      You said you had "to much going on right now." That doesn't specifically say you do have a job, it simply implies you're to busy and possibly out of or low on cash for Lego. So no, you didn't say at any point in that post you don't have a job.

    3. Edward O.

      Edward O.

      Exactly, so don't go assuming sh*t. I'll take my builds and my $24/hr elsewhere 

    4. ~JD~


      Umm, okay. Whatever floats you boat I guess. 

  10. New things coming in the future! 

    The Brick Village Emergency (my company) Quick Response Tanker (QRT), my giant*** rescue, '92 Dash engine, and major updates to my tower ladder (changed look of outriggers, made 'em functional, made elevators work, etc.). Expect these to come within the next week!

    1. ~JD~


      Not sure how I missed this status, but nice! Can't wait to see them!

  11. Some point in the future I plan on ordering some Kenworth/Pierce engines

    1. ~JD~


      Nice. Looking for an off-road type of engine to serve the rural zones.

  12. can someone please go into further detail on how you upload your parts list to BrickLink

  13. There hasn't been a new member in over a year. This is mildly concerning