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  1. The first of LA's new tillers are rolling of the line at Pierce: https://www.facebook.com/Pierce/posts/10156278200850527

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    2. Paulo R.

      Paulo R.

      LAFD probably didn't want to just buy 10 rigs right off the bat, especially with a new company for their aerial devices. So I am guessing they will train a heck of a lot on this rig, see what is and isn't working out on it for them, and that way the other 9 can be delivered with any improvements the department wants. 

    3. HenryH BCFD

      HenryH BCFD

      Yeah.  That's normally how it works for big contracts with new brands. For example, I think I remember reading that FDNY had 2 of their new KME pumpers built and delivered well before the others so they could make sure they would meet FDNY's requirements.  Its a smart thing for LAFD to do because if there are any issues with the first tiller, they will be able to have Pierce fix them instead of being stuck with 10 tillers that aren't going to work well for them.  The one that is completed looks really nice, the truck companies that are going to get them are pretty lucky.


    4. Paulo R.

      Paulo R.

      FDNY had to switch out all of the door handles on the inside of the rigs because they broke a few thumbs on them. But that is being fixed on all the new eogs being delivered now.