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Status Updates posted by JKontoules

  1. After a long, school-induced hiatus, BlazingBricks has a brand new blog post! Check out "EMS in the Modern Arena"!

    1. T.J. Brammer

      T.J. Brammer

      Cool, I'll have to check that out.

  2. Sorry everyone! Due to some unforeseen circumstances I will not have the blog entry ready for tonight. Look for it tomorrow afternoon! #EMSneverrests

  3. Stay tuned tonight for a new blog entry on BlazingBricks! This week's topic is Community Etiquette.

  4. The first Blazing Bricks column is LIVE here on EB! This week's topic is "Welcome, Probies!"

  5. Well everyone, I am proud to announce that I will be writing a weekly/biweekly column here on EB! You can find it under Blazing Bricks in the Blogs tab. Stay tuned tomorrow for the first official post!

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    2. Lebby


      Very nice! What shall the subject be?

    3. JKontoules


      Many subjects! Check out the intro post for more info!

    4. Lebby


      I will be waiting with anticipation 

  6. I couldn't upload photos here because of the file size restrictions, so check out the MedLink EMS Facebook page for updated photos of the whole fleet! 

    1. Dakota


      What size were the photos so I can increase the limits?

    2. JKontoules


      Mine were around 3.5MB, taken on a Nikon P510

    3. Dakota


      Just saw this, I'll work on increasing the limit. In theory since we are using Amazon Servers now there should be no limit. So must be a bug.

  7. This week I cleared my Pre-DRP progression, and now I am able to drive my organization's rigs! #myemsday

  8. For Immediate Delivery: 2013 ASAP MedSTAT off-road ambulance in red/red scheme. $35 shipped to continental US.

  9. Make sure to check out the new units in the gallery!

  10. White Ridge is back in action! The website has been updated with new photos from the past year, with new photos of the new Haz-Mat and Command Staff units coming soon! whiteridgefirerescue.weebly.com

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    2. T.J. Brammer

      T.J. Brammer

      Okay, I understand. Also I'm just curious, will their be any older apparatus added to the White Ridge fleet specifically apparatus 1990 and below?

    3. JKontoules


      There will! In time, there will be a reserve fleet made up of 1980s/90s rigs. In addition, Rescue 1, Satellite Wagon 2, and Hose Wagon 1 are all older than 1990

    4. T.J. Brammer
  11. I have an all red ASAP MedSTAT for sale. $35 shipped to anywhere in the continental US. First come, first serve; payment up front before I ship. Need it gone this week.

    1. oceanbrickfire


      Dang, I just spent $40 on some bins,

    2. T.J. Brammer

      T.J. Brammer

      I have $60, how would you buy it?

    3. Tcamp24


      still have one up for sale?

  12. New album up in the gallery, see some of what I've been up to lately!