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Well for those who don't know, and for some reason can't figure it out, my name's Nick. It's listed like three inches above this, all you have to do is read.  :P  I'm 20, and I live in Southgate, Kentucky. I'm currently a junior at University of Cincinnati, working towards a degree in criminal justice. GO BEARCATS!! Unlike most people on here, I have absolutely no interest in becoming a firefighter, except maybe just to drive around in a big truck with lots of flashing lights and a loud siren. (I mean, honestly, who doesn't want to do that? ) So don't be offended if you're talking about something fire related and I have no idea what you're talking about.


Seriously though, I'm here because I love legos, and I love building fire trucks. If you've gotten a chance to look some of my work, you can probably tell that I'm in love with Ferrara's... don't really know why, they're just incredibly sexy looking trucks. I'm also really bad at updating my MOCpage with my most recent rigs, so I most likely have tons of pictures that need to be uploaded some time soon. For those who are interested, I design 6-wide, 'big-wheel' (as they're apparently called) fire apparatus. I've worked on everything from Seagrave to Sutphen, engines to industrial ladders. So if you're looking for a new rig, whether it's an engine, ambulance, light rescue, or even just some help with a design you're working on, let me know!


Also, through my extensive use of Bricklink, I've come across a very reputable store that I would like to pass on to fellow builders. The customer service is incredible, the owner is very friendly and always willing to go out of her way to provide top notch service, all at what I'd consider as very reasonable prices. Please check out and support her store!


As for my lego fire department, I currently operate the City of Lego Heights Fire Department (more info here) which is based in a fictional city in the state of Ohio. The City of Lego Heights occupies an area of 80.7 sq. mi with a population of roughly 245,000. The department currently employs 243 firefighters, 60 paramedics and 116 support staff who run 7 engines, 3 quints, 3 tower ladders, 5 ambulances, 4 ALS light rescues, and various staff vehicles out of 10 stations. The CLHFD is a member of the Midwest Fire Collaborative and is also available to provide high-rise firefighting, collapse rescue, hazardous materials response, USAR and other specialized rescue services to any department within a 50 mile radius.


With the realization that my three plots in Embrick County are MUCH larger than I had thought, I've decided to start a mini-department within my city. The Meadowlands Community Fire/Rescue provides fire and EMS services to The Meadowlands, an affluent borough within the city of Lego Heights. MCFR runs as part of the CLHFD as Station 20, staffed by CLHFD personnel but supported and run by The Meadowlands community council. The MCFR currently operates an ALS-equipped quint and paramedic engine, with an ALS ambulance planned for the future.