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  1. Ladder 37 is now at the P.L.F.D Shops and awaiting to have the reflective tape applied. I have also since added pieces in between the wheels to make it look much better than in the pictures posted. Once the reflective tape arrives, it will be applied and Ladder 37 will be placed into service.

    1. Matt M.

      Matt M.

      Also Attack 37 will be arriving this week. The unit was purchased from the City of Lego Heights Fire Department. Thank you again Nick for allowing us to purchase this unit from you. She will serve the P.L.F.D well into the future.

    2. Nick Warner

      Nick Warner

      I'm glad I could find HazTac Rescue 14 a new home! I'm sure she'll continue to serve well into the future.

    3. Matt M.

      Matt M.

      That she will Nick, that she will. Again thank you for letting me purchase this unit from you my friend.