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  1. Seagrave is better than Pierce, just incase you didn't know.

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    2. ~JD~


      Both Paulo and Harrison are correct. Although I thought pierce stopped all construction at the Brandenton plant and made it a testing facility. And Harrison, wouldn't they just transfer the facility since Pierce is part of the Oshkosh Corporation?

    3. Harrison McNeill

      Harrison McNeill

      Do you mean Pierce transfer to the existing Florida factory? If so, that's what they did. It is used by Pierce now for commercial chassis rigs, trucks on the Saber chassis, as well as wildland rigs. It was also used by Medtec if I remember correctly.

    4. Paulo R.

      Paulo R.

      Yeah, Medtec did make their ambulances there, they were part of the Oshkosh Corp.

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