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  1. Someone please help me figure out how to delete my account!!!!!!!

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    2. Adam W

      Adam W

      I normally try to stay out of peoples business but I feel obligated to put my two cents in here. Your acting pretty silly if you ask me, in one of your posts you said you were "very mature" but would a very mature person be posting status updates about deleting your account just because you want attention? No a mature person would privately handle the situation. Rather than deleting your account why don't you just not come to this site on a daily basis anymore, take a little break.

    3. Martijn Meijdam

      Martijn Meijdam

      Thomas, I'm sorry you take my advice and breakdown of your reaction as bullying, I was hoping you would see your points where you can improve, and do something about them.

    4. Thomas Johnson

      Thomas Johnson

      Thanks Martijn I appreciate it. I have decided not to delete my account.