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  1. As many of you know i am CRAZYROSS99. I have given up on lego and fire. Sad to see much a good thing about me go. But times have changed. I wish all new guys the best of luck. And the rest thank you for your help and everything else. Keep up the good builds and as one famous man siad keep fighting the good fight. Cya round guys

    1. Michael P.

      Michael P.

      :( Good luck with your future endeavors! Hope to see you around again!
  2. made new display name, Scot fire & rescue ( scottish )

  3. What European rig would you like me to build

    1. ~JD~


      Something Volvo? Or maybe an Ambo!

    2. Harrison McNeill

      Harrison McNeill

      A Unimog rig would be nice.

    3. Scots Fire & Rescue

      Scots Fire & Rescue

      @~JD~ I did make a old Volvo but broke it,, I might do one again.

      @Harrison McNeill that's pretty cool...I might try that

  4. Got 2 new european fire engines: both from Scotland, volvo FL pump ladder...and a MAN pump:

    1. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      Great looking vehicles Ross great job.

  5. Please check out my Spartan ERV Boomer:

  6. Does anyone actually add gear into compartments iphone the rigs, like I do the flip ups mostly has hand tools and SCBAs

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    2. ID-1


      You're from scottland, thats awesome.

    3. Scots Fire & Rescue

      Scots Fire & Rescue

      : D it's pretty cool, but my dream is to go to NY and become a firefighter.

    4. Scots Fire & Rescue

      Scots Fire & Rescue

      Could anyone post pic of there tools one their rigs? Please

  7. Should I have 3 engines and 3 ladders or 4 engines and 2 ladders?

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    2. BPVFD24


      @Cody; What are you talking about?

    3. codyvillefire


      nothing nevermine i am use to 3 engine 2 truck response for a working fire

    4. ID-1


      The ratio per Engine's to truck should be 3:1.

  8. Which kind of tanker should I build?...must be a 2 door cab.any suggestion are much apprenticed

    1. ID-1


      Freightliner M2 with a PTO pump. Int Workstar 7400 is also a fine choice.

    2. Michael Morrison

      Michael Morrison

      Spartan 2 Door Extended chassis with body work by Rosenbauer. folder/Photos/tanker 2012 004.jpg

    3. BPVFD24


      IHC or KW.