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  1. Hello.

    I noticed a while ago I was removed from the facebook group. I think it may have been something to do with inactivity. I am sorry, it was a busy couple of weeks. I am now much more active. Please invite me back in. Thank you.

    1. Martijn Meijdam

      Martijn Meijdam

      Ah okay, I'll re add you asap


  2. Welcome, Probies!

    This is a very well written and brings up memories from my months as a probie, both career and volunteer. Witch is 9 years ago, and I'm feeling old. And extremely good tips for a starting emergency services member. Even for probies outside the US this could be a good guide on the basic do's and dont's. Keep up the good work brother!
  3. I wonder if I could start a Scania Revolution here too....



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    2. Joshua O.

      Joshua O.

      Ooh, can't wait to see those in bricks!

    3. Dakota


      Those look great MM

    4. WJD


      Great looking trucks, I've designed and built a few Lego Scania's.

  4. Happy Birthday Martijn Meijdam!

  5. How do you cancel your subscription?

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    2. Joshua O.

      Joshua O.

      No problem. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

    3. ID-1


      I set mine up through an auto payment agreement with PP. If you did the same thing you can cancel the agreement. I'm yet to renew mine..

    4. Martijn Meijdam

      Martijn Meijdam

      Yeah,I already did that, thanks ID1

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    2. Martijn Meijdam

      Martijn Meijdam

      *puts on a Batman suit* Storm is coming.

      I'm gonna start an underground movement, and I was thinking beating him at his own game.

      I love being evil to little kids.

    3. Sven


      Loool, i love your sense of humor Martijn ;)

    4. Martijn Meijdam

      Martijn Meijdam

      Its Twisted, I know....

  6. Well, after a much needed break, I'm back!

  7. Word of warning, Thomas Johnson is using his Aspergers syndrome as a way to make me look bad. So I suggest avoid him like the black plague before more problems will come, and the whole community will be branded as Asperger bashers. Thank you.

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    2. Sven


      I believe, you're not bad. You're a great friend and member of the LFC. I've finished with this kids and don't comment anything of them on Moc in the future. Thanks for the warning my friend.

    3. TheCanMan


      Why don't we let kiddies be kiddies and just ignore them, these new kids are just too *** stubborn, and just as we got them beat they always seem to go running back to mommy...

    4. Dakota


      Just a reminder that I'd like to keep the MOCpages stuff off of EB. As well as not allow the bickering and bashing that comes with these types of incidents.

  8. Posted a small update on the current situation.

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    2. Martijn Meijdam
    3. Sven


      :) I knew that you'd like it XD
    4. TheCanMan


      Adam posted a response on Thomas Johnson's creation... Check it out

  9. Going off MOCpages with a bang xD

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    2. Martijn Meijdam

      Martijn Meijdam

      btw! if you agree with my rant, please comment on MOCpages, thank you!

    3. Lake Dodge Fire Rescue

      Lake Dodge Fire Rescue

      Oh okay. I will add a comment to support this cause! Also, for creating this awesome rant, I present you these:

    4. Martijn Meijdam
  10. When does the next episode of StudsVille come out? At the moment, Its better than Chicago Fire (;

  11. Happy Birthday Martijn Meijdam!

  12. Look who is dumb enough to post a rig he denies to have used, and posts it a few days later in his own engine fleet shot.

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    2. Dustin


      Thanks. Dont worry about deleting it. It is hard living away from family for so long. Hope everything is well with the baby and mom.

    3. Jackeatley

      Jackeatley Check out a response there, made me smile.
    4. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      Too many funnies going on over in moc land. Lol