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  1. Word of warning, Thomas Johnson is using his Aspergers syndrome as a way to make me look bad. So I suggest avoid him like the black plague before more problems will come, and the whole community will be branded as Asperger bashers. Thank you.

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    2. Sven


      I believe, you're not bad. You're a great friend and member of the LFC. I've finished with this kids and don't comment anything of them on Moc in the future. Thanks for the warning my friend.

    3. TheCanMan


      Why don't we let kiddies be kiddies and just ignore them, these new kids are just too *** stubborn, and just as we got them beat they always seem to go running back to mommy...

    4. Dakota


      Just a reminder that I'd like to keep the MOCpages stuff off of EB. As well as not allow the bickering and bashing that comes with these types of incidents.