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  1. Happy Birthday Matt L!

  2. New truck up in the gallery!

  3. New Striker 4500 up in the gallery!

  4. MOC Pages... Y u no work?!

  5. Another truck up in the Gallery!

  6. New engine up in the Gallery!

  7. New truck up in the gallery check it out!!!

  8. Just ordered parts to build Truck 55 for the CLFD. pics to follow

  9. Happy Birthday Matthew L capelegofire!

  10. Is anyone capabile of generating a parts list for a LDD modle for me? I'm having a Horrible time

    1. Harrison McNeill

      Harrison McNeill

      Download BrickUtils and you can put in your model and it will generate a list for you.

  11. Is the FDNY ladder 3 a spartan?

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    2. Paulo R.

      Paulo R.

      I think it was a donation, after 9/11, allot of trucks where given to the FDNY. Thats why they had E-One's and ALF's in their fleet for some time. They also have a Spartan Engine, but its used for funeral detail and other activity's.

    3. fdny1075thebox


      Ladder 3 is a Ferrara Ultra quartered in Manhattan. Tower Ladder 53 is a Spartan quartered on City Island in the Bronx. It is the quietest Ladder Co. in the FDNY.

    4. Paulo R.

      Paulo R.

      ^Yeah, 53 is the Spartan, 3 is one of the new Straight sticks from Ferrara