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  1. So I can sit and read useless dribble about which Department has the best paint scheme...but when a real tragedy occurs it's a no no to talk about? I thought this was EMERGENCY Bricks....If we can't talk about current events and must limit our talk to LEGO conversations...I no longer want to hear about your REAL Departmenst newest purchase, paint job, or any fires or incidents that they may have responded to.

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    2. Dakota


      You can minimize the shoutbox if you don't want to view it.

      What is going on now is a touchy subject as compared to what paint is on a new truck and lots of speculation and false information can follow that really doesn't belong here.

      We aren't banning anyone subject, we are handling the more volatile subjects that can often cross into nasty territory in a more controlled way.

      This is "Emergency Bricks" but it remains a LEGO fan site, not...

    3. Dakota


      a Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Huff Post or any other news site, nor a forum aimed at serving as a venue for current events to be discussed by 90% children/teens.

    4. legotom


      I don't see how it is so touchy...Bomb goes off people want to talk about it, cop gets shot people want to talk about it, bomber gets killed people want to talk about it.

      It's no difference then having the house down the street burn down and wanting to talk about it, or responding to a medical and wanting to talk about it.

      You know Dakota that I have been fairly supportive of you and the things you do here...usually I try to be a voice of reason when someone complains abo...

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