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  1. So I can sit and read useless dribble about which Department has the best paint scheme...but when a real tragedy occurs it's a no no to talk about? I thought this was EMERGENCY Bricks....If we can't talk about current events and must limit our talk to LEGO conversations...I no longer want to hear about your REAL Departmenst newest purchase, paint job, or any fires or incidents that they may have responded to.

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    2. legotom


      about how things are run here...but in this case I and I am sure many others think it is the wrong decision

    3. Dakota


      And you are free to talk about it in the free chat.

      With this stuff being considered terrorism it becomes more touchy as it crosses into a political area as well. You are free to react and post your thoughts and talk about, all we ask is that it is done in an area off the front page of the website where it can be more controlled as well as thought out vs. the response style of the shoutbox.

    4. Dakota


      Once again, there was nothing wrong with any of your status updates. The notice posted is for the users who have yet to sign on as I can assure you there will be some who have some really immature or false things to say, and that spreads fast.

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