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  1. Any ideas as to what Pierce will be unveiling tomorrow?  

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    2. ~JD~


      Indeed it does, all good selling points for an aerial. They also only offer the ascendant tiller now, the 100' model is no longer listed. The tandem seems a bit better for tower options, especially reaching 110', I don't think any other tower has that reach. I know KME has a 102 and sutphen used to offer a 110 but that's it. 

    3. ~JD~


      Also just noted the tandem can be equipped with a 750 gallon water tank, that's big for an aerial, really gives the buyer some options.

    4. Michael P.

      Michael P.

      @~JD~ Other than the Bronto and the T-Rex, the Pierce 110 is the tallest ladder tower on the market. I can actually see airport fire departments buying the 110 dual axle towers with 750 gal of water. That seems like a good market for the rig!

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