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  1. Any ideas as to what Pierce will be unveiling tomorrow?  

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    2. HenryH BCFD

      HenryH BCFD

      @~JD~ @Michael P.  I agree, airports and industrial fire departments could be a good market for the 110' dual axle.  As for the single axle, I just don't see it selling.  

    3. ~JD~


      Not sure why there's so much hate towards the single axle tower, you get storage, maneuverability and reach in a compact package. As a straight truck the rig has possibilities, it can likely replace midmount towers and even tillers for departments looking for a compact tower.

    4. Michael P.

      Michael P.

      @~JD~ Not really hating the on the rig, but I think it'll take a while to catch on. Unlike our European counterparts, everything in the US is bigger because #Murica lol