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    Everything Law Enforcement. Ford Police vehicles, especially the CVPI. E-One (Emergency One) fire apparatus.

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  1. *** it's been a while since I was here... *blows dust off of profile* How's everyone doing? Little CVPI update:


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    2. Edward O.

      Edward O.

      Nice to see you back! Built anything lately?

      @~JD~ how bout you?

    3. Joshua O.

      Joshua O.

      I've been doing pretty good @~JD~! Sounds like you're having fun lol

      I'm just sort of flitting through @Edward O. Haven't built anything in a long time tbh

    4. ~JD~


      @Edward O. Nothing yet, going to do some work in my soon to be Lego room to help things along. Hope to have it up and running by summer or at least the end of summer.

      @Joshua O. That's good to hear! Yeah, dealing with the regular college stuff, not the fun fire stuff.