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    Everything Law Enforcement. Ford Police vehicles, especially the CVPI. E-One (Emergency One) fire apparatus.

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  1. Wow, didn't realize how outdated my profile was; I think I got everything xD Guess that's what happens when you're in lurker mode. . . :ph34r:

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    2. Joshua O.

      Joshua O.

      It definitely looks strange; I ought to take a better pic of the situation. Using a house does seem to be rather popular down here, OCFR Station 86 is a house, as are a few other OCFR stations (can't remember which ones, unfortunately)

    3. ~JD~


      Thinking about it, station 11 here in clay runs out of a house. A rather small house at that, the garage fits the rescue and the engine and brush rig are parked across the street in the VFD's station. I never liked the idea though, the accommodations kind of work but the sleeping arranges probably suck, gear storage is inadequate and vehicle housing leaves a lot to be desired. It works for a temporary solution but not a permanent one.

    4. Joshua O.

      Joshua O.

      Exactly. 86 isn't as bad, they have a covered parking area for the engine, brush truck, and occasional medic unit as well as climate-controlled 'shed' (it's not really a shed, but I can't think of a better word for it) for gear storage; but still. . .