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  1. Best of 2015

    You may nominate any creations or member who falls into one of the following categories:Member Awards Builder of the Year Best Newcomer Most Helpful Creation Specific Best Engine Best Tanker Best Ladder Best Rescue / Squad Best Ambulance Best Police Vehicle Best Brush / Wildland Best Airport Rig Best CAD/ LDD Creation Best Pickup / SUV Best Unique Vehicle (wreckers, buses, flatbeds, and other emergency vehicles that don't fit into a category listed) Other / Misc Most Advanced/ Innovative Design Technique or Feature Best Presentation (Includes photos, backgrounds and other elements.) Best Accident/ Fire or Other Scene Best Striping / Decaling Best Station Remember to include the following when posting a nomination: The name or alias of the member being nominated. What category they are being nominated for. A link to their creation either here on on MOCpages. If you would like to be anonymous use a private message and let us know so we can honor this request.
  2. Best of 2015

    I'd argue there is a spot for them
    1. Lebby


      Just noticed my blog being linked on our facebook page, pretty awesome!

  3. The Crew

    Well done sir, well done.
  4. Want to know more?

    I've allowed access to nearly everything I can in this demo group for you, but there is still more! As a group leader you can control the following: - Everything you see here, forums, blogs, galleries, downloads, calendars, etc. - Member roles / ranks. Meaning you can assign permissions, who can admin, who can moderate, who can view what, etc. - Group Menu links - control the links in the Group Menu on the top right of the cover photo and control the icons. - Cover photo obviously. - Moderation/ Administration is done by you. Not the EB Staff, run your forums and group how you want. - Control your group access, can anyone join? Do members need approval after requesting? Is your group invite only? You decide!
  5. Demo Group

    Since the re-envisioning of Emergency Bricks on IPS 4.0 software, we've redone loads of features, one of which being EB Groups. Now, a feature within the LFC exclusive to EB, we can grant users the ability to create, administrate, moderate and develop their own groups and micro-communities within EB utilizing the power of our licensed software for free. Yup, we pay the bills, but you play for free This group exists as an example of what you can accomplish. (Note the ability to set a cover photo)
  6. I Have A Question?

    Here, all you have to do is this! Now your question has been answered!
  7. I Have A Question?

    How do I do something?
  8. ARMA Life

    From the album My Group Category

  9. ARMA Pic

    From the album My Group Category

  10. My Blog Yo!

    I'm not a big writer!
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Check this out (This file is for demonstration of groups. Permissions to view are based on group settings)
  12. A Spanning Event


    Yay, I am looking forward to this event!
  13. A Spanning Event

    You can add events, they can be single day events at specific times, or span the entire day. They can even span multiple days! Members of your group can also RSVP
  14. Test Topic

    This is a test topic! You can do absolutely anything you can do in the main site
  15. Demo Group

    This is a review of your group. The usefulness of this feature may vary from group to group, but members will be able to rate/review groups based on permissions you set.
  16. Demo Group

    This is a quick activity feed. Members can leave quick notes and updates about what's going on!
  17. Best of 2015

    Well since no entries have been submitted yet, and we typically open voting by this date, we may have to wait another year or do something over the summer. We'll see if entries are made over the next week or so.
  18. Best of 2015

    We typically open voting for 1-2 weeks in the end of December.
  19. Christmas!

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
  20. It's been a productive day. All downloads restored! And EB Groups are restored. Some misc topics and posts throughout the site may be missing/broken, but that issue is minor considering everything that had to be done to restore what we were able to :) Enjoy

  21. New Feedback Feature

    We are excited to announce a new feature here on EB called "Feedback" for the community to use. Now this is not feedback regarding community posts or content, but feedback regarding transactions with other members of the community, such as the purchasing/ trading/ selling of models amongst members. We have always provided the Buy/ Sell/ Trade forum, but if you are new to the community it could be a bit scary entering into a deal with someone you know nothing about. With our new Feedback system, users can rate their experiences and leave comments about the transactions, building up a buyer/seller reputation amongst members to get an idea of who are Grade A buyers and sellers, and who the flakes you should probably avoid are. To add feedback you'll need the following info: Name of who you are rating. Rating you are giving the transaction. (Negative, Neutral, Positive, etc.) Your position in the transaction. (Buyer, Seller, Trading) Comment(s) about the experience. And optionally, if there is a forum topic such as a for sale listing, simply type the title of the topic to link it to your review and it will autocomplete in the form. Check it out now: http://emergencybricks.com/index.php?/feedback/
  22. LEGO Photography

    The best article we have Nice work
  23. EB is turning 4 years old this month!

    1. Sven


      And on Dec. 20th i'll be member for four years ;)

    2. Edward O.

      Edward O.

      Boy I'm hold. Had an acct for over half that time now.

  24. Download Database Update

    Hello, As you probably are already aware, we suffered some technical difficulties over the past couple weeks resulting in the loss of some data from our servers. We, fortunately, were able to restore just about everything, but in the process discovered that although all of our files were back in place, they had become corrupted somehow in the restoration. There is a silver lining however, as we have an older backup that contains working versions of most, if not all, of the 300-400 submissions to our download database. The biggest challenge will be going through each one, one item at a time, reuploading the files until everything is restored. We ask, and appreciate, your patience as we work to get this done as quickly as we can. The downloads database is once again stable, and while you wait we encourage everyone to continue to share and contribute their creations for the world to see and continue to build EB into the largest one-stop-shop for all of your LEGO Police, Fire & EMS resources. Thank you, Dakota C.