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  1. Best of 2015

    I'd argue there is a spot for them
    1. Lebby


      Just noticed my blog being linked on our facebook page, pretty awesome!

  2. The Crew

    Well done sir, well done.
  3. Want to know more?

    I've allowed access to nearly everything I can in this demo group for you, but there is still more! As a group leader you can control the following: - Everything you see here, forums, blogs, galleries, downloads, calendars, etc. - Member roles / ranks. Meaning you can assign permissions, who can admin, who can moderate, who can view what, etc. - Group Menu links - control the links in the Group Menu on the top right of the cover photo and control the icons. - Cover photo obviously. - Moderation/ Administration is done by you. Not the EB Staff, run your forums and group how you want. - Control your group access, can anyone join? Do members need approval after requesting? Is your group invite only? You decide!
  4. I Have A Question?

    Here, all you have to do is this! Now your question has been answered!
  5. I Have A Question?

    How do I do something?
  6. ARMA Life

    From the album My Group Category

  7. ARMA Pic

    From the album My Group Category

  8. My Blog Yo!

    I'm not a big writer!
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Check this out (This file is for demonstration of groups. Permissions to view are based on group settings)
  10. A Spanning Event


    Yay, I am looking forward to this event!
  11. A Spanning Event

    You can add events, they can be single day events at specific times, or span the entire day. They can even span multiple days! Members of your group can also RSVP
  12. Test Topic

    This is a test topic! You can do absolutely anything you can do in the main site
  13. Demo Group

    This is a review of your group. The usefulness of this feature may vary from group to group, but members will be able to rate/review groups based on permissions you set.
  14. Demo Group

    This is a quick activity feed. Members can leave quick notes and updates about what's going on!