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    • Dakota  02 Jul 07:59 PM
    • Dakota  02 Jul 08:00 PM
        I'll have to look at that
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:00 PM
        Eh? Yeah the pics are gone
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:00 PM
    • Dakota  02 Jul 08:00 PM
        I think I can fix that
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:00 PM
        Thats pretty cool
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:00 PM
        Thanks again btw
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:01 PM
        Happy that i got the shoutbox back
    • Dakota  02 Jul 08:03 PM
        No problem
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:06 PM
        Sorry had a bug
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:06 PM
        Now it's gone
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:06 PM
        To hell or something like that
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:07 PM
        I hate insects, i hate summer, i hate heat
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:09 PM
        Winter please come back
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:12 PM
    • Dakota  02 Jul 08:12 PM
    • Dakota  02 Jul 08:13 PM
        Really strange, somehow we are missing every uploaded attachment from April
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:13 PM
        Oh, thats bad news
    • Dakota  02 Jul 08:14 PM
        We have March and we have May, not sure how it skipped April
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:14 PM
        @martijn, some thunderstorms active in your region?
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:15 PM
        Hmm, strange
    • Dakota  02 Jul 08:18 PM
        Well thats kind of a bummer, at least it's only 1 month from 1 year
    • Martijn Meijdam  02 Jul 08:19 PM
        @ Sven, not at the moment
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:20 PM
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:21 PM
        Spotted a lot thunderstorm activity in the netherlands on my weather radar
    • Martijn Meijdam  02 Jul 08:22 PM
        Yeah, I'm in the south west, the only place where its clear at the moment
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:22 PM
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:26 PM
        Well my friends, i gtg to bed now
    • Sven  02 Jul 08:27 PM
        Wish you a restful and good night. Sleep well my friends. See ya soon
    •  Evan M.  03 Jul 03:49 AM
        Howdy y'all
    • Dakota  03 Jul 05:29 AM
    • Dakota  03 Jul 01:21 PM
        Hoping I can get out of work early today
    • Dakota  03 Jul 01:40 PM
        Happy Birthday to Evan A and CSI!
    • Joshua O.  03 Jul 03:34 PM
        Must say I like this new shoutbox
    • Sven  03 Jul 04:20 PM
        Yeah, the new shoutbox got a slightly feminin touch XD
    • Sven  03 Jul 04:23 PM
        Btw, Happy Birthday Evan & CSI!! I wish you both all the best and hope youre having a great day and lots of fun.
    • Sven  03 Jul 04:23 PM
        @Martijn, take a look at my profile. You'll spot something nice
    • Sven  03 Jul 05:08 PM
        anyone there?
    • Sven  03 Jul 08:46 PM
        Good night my friends, wish you all a great weekend.
    • Dakota  04 Jul 03:46 AM
        Sooo, apparently there was a DDOS attack on this IP address. Had to switch to a new one. Silly kids
    • Dakota  04 Jul 03:46 AM
        Sorry for the downtime
    • Dakota  04 Jul 07:03 PM
        Finally.. the weekend
    • Bruce  04 Jul 08:14 PM
        What is this weekend you speak of?
    • Dakota  04 Jul 08:15 PM
        It's the thing supervisors get to have \
    • Dakota  04 Jul 08:15 PM
    • Bruce  04 Jul 08:16 PM
        Hahaha... We have supervisors here that work the weekend.
    • Bruce  04 Jul 08:16 PM
        Their on kelly schedule that mirrors the fire dept
    • Dakota  04 Jul 08:16 PM
        I pretty much get to do what I want so long as my work is done
    • Dakota  04 Jul 08:17 PM
        Pros of working for a small company
    • Bruce  04 Jul 08:17 PM
        Oh yeah... Well life in IFT is easy LMAO
    • Bruce  04 Jul 08:19 PM
    • Dakota  04 Jul 08:19 PM
        Most of our runs yesterday were actually EMS or critical care for once. Which was nice
    • Bruce  04 Jul 08:19 PM
        Our company is pretty small and we "own" about 90% of our county
    • Bruce  04 Jul 08:20 PM
        Wait... You had actual 911 calls?
    • Alpha Tango  04 Jul 08:20 PM
        I'm please to announce Blockburg as the winner of the 3rd annual Platesmouth Waterfight. The recap and results can be seen in the thread. Pics soon.
    • Dakota  04 Jul 08:25 PM
        We get 911 stuff from nursing homes
    • Bruce  04 Jul 08:38 PM
    • Bruce  04 Jul 08:38 PM
        I thought you worked for an exclusive 911 transport agency as of recent?
    • Dakota  04 Jul 09:10 PM
        We do all sorts of stuff. The bulk of our income is through discharges from hospitals to home or end care facilitiies
    • Dakota  04 Jul 09:10 PM
        But we also do interhospital transports, nursing home EMS stuff, and special event EMS
    • Dakota  04 Jul 09:10 PM
        Long distance transports too
    • Dakota  04 Jul 09:11 PM
        It's a typical private ambulance service setup
    • Bruce  05 Jul 05:20 AM
        We primarily do 911
    • Bruce  05 Jul 05:20 AM
        and IFT
    • Dakota  06 Jul 03:08 AM
        Nice new additions to the gallery
    •  Evan M.  06 Jul 01:03 PM
        Howdy everyone, back from the middle of nowhere
    • Dakota  06 Jul 07:51 PM
        welcome back
    •  Evan M.  06 Jul 09:40 PM
        How goes it Dakota
    •  Evan M.  06 Jul 09:48 PM
        Posted pics of my big blue rescue
    • Brick Village Fire Dept  07 Jul 12:51 AM
        Hi all. So I recently began browsing the site again after a long absence. I'm wondering, am I required to actually post rigs here? Because I used to have MOCPages and uploading new stuff all the time was a pain. I mainly created this account back in 2013 (or 2012, maybe) to view other people's units so I could really understand what was and wasn't realistic, back when I was new to this kind of stuff. Thanks for your time reading this.
    • Bruce  02:59 AM
        Evening all
    •  Evan M.  03:07 AM
    • Dakota  03:11 AM
        Nice blue trucks
    • Bruce  03:11 AM
        Howdy Even and Dakota
    • Dakota  03:11 AM
        @Brick Village - You are not required to post anything if you don't want to. The majority of users just browse
    • Dakota  03:12 AM
        However, I personally feel our upload process is far more user friendly than MOC
    • Dakota  03:12 AM
        Evening Bruce
    •  Evan M.  03:13 AM
        Thanks Dakota, and i like EB's a lot better especially mobile wise
    • Dakota  03:14 AM
        There's a new feature, you just click the Create + button and select Gallery Image and it essentially walks you through the process
    •  Evan M.  03:20 AM
        Indeed its nice
    • Bruce  03:20 AM
        Where are the gallery uploads?
    • Dakota  03:29 AM
        In the gallery or on the top right of the site
    •  Evan M.  03:30 AM
        Bruce told me to walk the plank
    • Bruce  03:31 AM
        I mean the upload feature.
    • Bruce  03:31 AM
        I'm utilizing the site via my iPhone
    •  Evan M.  03:34 AM
        I use android
    • Dakota  03:34 AM
        I dont think the Create button shows on mobile
    •  Evan M.  03:40 AM
        Building a foundry tomorrow
    • Bruce  03:53 AM
        What's a foundry, Meyers?
    •  Evan M.  03:57 AM
        Metal melting furnace
    •  Evan M.  03:58 AM
        Though i might build a different project instead
    • Bruce  04:24 AM
        Building it out of?
    •  Evan M.  04:40 AM
        Mortar etc
    • Bruce  04:47 AM
        Ok... And just how long is that going to take you?
    •  Evan M.  05:33 PM
        Hmm rainy day so lego building time
    • Dakota  07:19 PM
        Get a job bum
    • Brick Village Fire Dept  07:35 PM
        @Dakota thanks for the info
    • Paul McKeever III  11:58 PM
    •  Evan M.  01:53 AM
        @Dakota, it's a rainy day so i have the day off.
    • Brick Village Fire Dept  02:06 AM
        Back from FD junior training
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