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Since the re-envisioning of Emergency Bricks on IPS 4.0 software, we've redone loads of features, one of which being EB Groups. 

Now, a feature within the LFC exclusive to EB, we can grant users the ability to create, administrate, moderate and develop their own groups and micro-communities within EB utilizing the power of our licensed software for free. Yup, we pay the bills, but you play for free :)

This group exists as an example of what you can accomplish. (Note the ability to set a cover photo)

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    1. Blogs Can Be Added Too

      This is an example blog, it can be a personal blog authored by one member, or contributed to by a group!

    1. A Custom Gallery

      You can manage galleries, set rules and control access.

    1. Downloads Too!

      Have a private download area to upload LDD files or whatever you want


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