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    • Evan M. PRFD  04:33 AM
        Rules understood. And damnit this is why can't have nice things!
    • Bruce  04:33 AM
        ^ speak of the devil
    • Matt M.  04:36 AM
        im not that far behind you on points Bruce lol
    • Bruce  04:36 AM
        Has tactical cock been moved to support yet?
    • Dakota  04:37 AM
        He's been offered the position, will move him if he accepts
    • Dakota  04:37 AM
        I CC'd you on the PM
    • Dakota  04:37 AM
        Well, added you, I guess it's not really a CC since it's a live convo
    • Bruce  04:39 AM
    • Bruce  04:40 AM
        Has anyone seen Dennis?
    • Dakota  04:41 AM
    • Matt M.  04:41 AM
    • Bruce  04:41 AM
        How long has he been MIA?
    • Evan M. PRFD  04:41 AM
        Alright I'm off to bed, i have to be up in about 4 hours :p night y'all!
    • Matt M.  04:42 AM
        see ya Evan
    • Dakota  04:44 AM
        His last visit was in April
    • Bruce  04:44 AM
        Night Meyera
    • Bruce  04:44 AM
        Okay, so he's still around
    • Dakota  04:45 AM
    • Dakota  04:46 AM
        He and Dustin will hopefully return to their active status, if not they may need to be bumped from staff. Dustin used to do a lot though, especially with approving the downloads
    • Dakota  04:46 AM
        So I hope he finds some time for us again
    • Matt M.  04:47 AM
        give them a little more time and if they don't show up we will take the proper actions
    • Bruce  04:47 AM
        We'll contact them and make them
    • Bruce  04:47 AM
    • Matt M.  04:50 AM
        you just bring the pitchfork and torch bruce
    • Dakota  04:54 AM
        @Bruce, you said you run LFA?
    • Bruce  04:54 AM
        I was thinking the 12gaugw but ok. And yeah Dakota I do
    • Matt M.  04:55 AM
        you and that damn 12 gauge lol
    • Dakota  04:56 AM
        I wonder if it'd be possible to export some of that content into something like a news feed in the side bar here to promote so integration of the two... would be up to you though
    • Bruce  04:56 AM
        It's a Facebook group, but I'll talk to my admin team and see if they're interested
    • Bruce  04:56 AM
        Would it be hard to do?
    • Dakota  04:57 AM
        Probably not
    • Dakota  04:57 AM
        Would just have to take the Facebook ID number of the group and use a web API to turn that into an RSS feed. Then it could be displayed on this site with links back to that content
    • Dakota  04:58 AM
        Could probably make it work both ways, if a new image is uploaded here for example, make that post to LFA's group automatically with a link to comment
    • Matt M.  05:01 AM
    • Bruce  05:04 AM
        Damnit... I have no beer in the fridge
    • Bruce  05:05 AM
        And hmm
    • Matt M.  05:05 AM
        lol, well get some.
    • Dakota  05:08 AM
    • Bruce  05:11 AM
        Looks like Dakota may be about 2 or 3 in already
    • Matt M.  05:12 AM
    • Matt M.  05:12 AM
    • Dakota  05:15 AM
        Don't know if you noticed Bruce, but all of our images and files are now hosted on external Amazon servers for extra redundancy and speed woot
    • Bruce  05:15 AM
    • Bruce  05:16 AM
        What's that mean? No more lagging?
    • Dakota  05:16 AM
        We also use CloudFlare to cache static content make pages load faster
    • Dakota  05:16 AM
        So everything should be much faster and more reliable
    • Matt M.  05:17 AM
        it takes at least 10 for me to feel anything lol
    • Matt M.  05:17 AM
        that is one thing. everything is faster
    • Dakota  05:17 AM
        Mine loads up near instantly now, I love it
    • Matt M.  05:19 AM
        same here
    • Matt M.  05:22 AM
        im going to be like this for work in a couple of hours lol
    • Dakota  05:23 AM
        I've been like that the past few shifts I've gone in
    • Bruce  05:23 AM
        Pew Pew LOL
    • Bruce  05:23 AM
        My shifts start at 0500. I'm always like that
    • Matt M.  05:24 AM
        lol, i start at 5 a.m and work till 4-5. only work 4 days a week
    • Dakota  05:24 AM
        9a to 10p 3 days a week for me
    • Bruce  05:26 AM
        I do 5-5 3 or 4 days a week
    • Matt M.  05:27 AM
        i make 12.35 an hour so i can't complain lol
    • Matt M.  05:27 AM
        kiddos love the fact daddy makes a good amount of money lol
    • Dakota  05:28 AM
        Bruce makes 60k a year
    • Bruce  05:28 AM
        12.35/hr. What's the minimum wage in PA and no Dakota I don't
    • Bruce  05:29 AM
        I make about 35k with OT
    • Matt M.  05:29 AM
        he is a prostitute. he can't claim that on income tax lol
    • Matt M.  05:29 AM
        7.25 bruce
    • Dakota  05:29 AM
    • Bruce  05:29 AM
        If I made 60K a year, I'd have all my debt paid off pretty
    • Bruce  05:29 AM
    • Bruce  05:30 AM
        Not bad Matt and it's time
    • Dakota  05:30 AM
    • Bruce  05:30 AM
        for the pitchfork
    • Matt M.  05:30 AM
    • Bruce  05:30 AM
    • Matt M.  05:31 AM
    • Matt M.  05:32 AM
        can you feel the love here lol
    • Dakota  05:32 AM
    • Dakota  05:32 AM
    • Dakota  05:32 AM
    • Dakota  05:33 AM
    • Dakota  05:33 AM
        There we go
    • Bruce  05:35 AM
    • Bruce  05:35 AM
    • Bruce  05:35 AM
    • Matt M.  05:38 AM
    • Matt M.  05:39 AM
        hey bruce, come at me with that pitchfork and i will come at you with this
    • Bruce  05:41 AM
    • Bruce  05:41 AM
    • Matt M.  05:42 AM
        you get a star for trying lol
    • Bruce  05:43 AM
    • Matt M.  05:43 AM
        bruce remind you of anything ( stripper bruce )
    • Matt M.  05:44 AM
        remember the
    • Matt M.  05:44 AM
        do you accept credit or just straight cash
    • Matt M.  05:53 AM
    • Matt M.  05:59 AM
        alright guys i am out of here for now. I shall return later. going to try to get some sleep before work.
    • Dakota  06:06 AM
    • Dakota  06:30 AM
        Dev Update: All previously issued warning points have been cleared.
    • Alpha Tango  06:52 AM
        Woohoo! Nothing like forgiveness...except maybe donuts...
    • Dakota  07:05 AM
        If anyone is on and wouldn't mind giving me feedback, could you scroll down to the bottom of the site, click on "Theme" and select the "Developmental" theme and let me know what you think?
    • ID-1  07:52 AM
        I like the smoke, but sort of raging fire would be nice too. Or does this vary by hour?
    • Bruce  07:54 AM
        I'm back
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