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    •  Evan M.  18 Jul 09:02 PM
        @Dakota Cairns 1044
    • Ben  19 Jul 11:38 AM
        Hey guys
    • Dakota  19 Jul 04:08 PM
    • Dakota  19 Jul 10:51 PM
        Think I found a good skin for this place
    • Scotty Jones  20 Jul 01:22 PM
        Hi guys
    • Dakota  20 Jul 01:36 PM
        Hello Scotty
    • Dakota  20 Jul 01:36 PM
        Morning EB
    • Dakota  20 Jul 01:37 PM
        All LDD downloads to date have been approved in the downloads DB
    • Scotty Jones  21 Jul 06:12 PM
        what do you guys think of white over red color scheme with a blue stripe for Lego Falls Fire, my company
    • Scotty Jones  21 Jul 06:12 PM
    • davidzq  21 Jul 10:42 PM
        Sounds fine. I think there's a couple people here who already use it though. Although I tend to lean towards more unique/unusual scheme.
    • Scotty Jones  21 Jul 11:04 PM
        ok, but I like blue, so I will keep it
    • Dakota  22 Jul 12:15 PM
        Oh that's a nice new engine in the gallery
    • Scotty Jones  22 Jul 02:03 PM
        I just noticed that Chris Sullivan Irwin lives 45 minutes away from me, that's weird.
    • Dakota  22 Jul 06:18 PM
        I haven't seen CSI in a while
    • Dakota  22 Jul 07:09 PM
        Anybody still play Emergency 4/ 911 Fist Responders?
    • Martijn Meijdam  22 Jul 08:36 PM
        In time, Waiting for a few mods to come out.
    • timo4199  23 Jul 12:01 AM
        anyone up?
    • Dakota  23 Jul 05:30 AM
    • HenryH BCFD  23 Jul 03:10 PM
        How is everyone doing
    • Scotty Jones  23 Jul 05:08 PM
    • Dakota  23 Jul 10:51 PM
        Now that's a cool looking station
    •  Evan M.  24 Jul 01:30 AM
        Any one around
    • Scotty Jones  24 Jul 12:18 PM
        here now
    •  Evan M.  24 Jul 01:39 PM
    • davidzq  24 Jul 10:24 PM
    • Scotty Jones  25 Jul 12:25 AM
        chirp chirp
    • CRD  25 Jul 02:35 AM
    • davidzq  25 Jul 02:35 AM
    • CRD  25 Jul 02:40 AM
        Thanks! Glad to be here
    • CRD  25 Jul 02:40 AM
        just curious but do you guys ever share instructions on how you build some of your apparatus? I've got no idea how to even start building so having some building blocks would be awesome
    • davidzq  25 Jul 02:41 AM
        There's a download database here, full of LDD files for rigs.
    • CRD  25 Jul 02:42 AM
        oh okay cool! sorry I don't have LDD on my new computer here so didn't realize the files loaded straight into it!
    • CRD  25 Jul 02:42 AM
        thats awesome!
    • davidzq  25 Jul 02:44 AM
        So if your new to the firetruck world, where are you coming from? What did you build before, or are you new to lego completely?
    • davidzq  25 Jul 02:48 AM
        Do you have a MOCpages/BrickShelf/Flickr/etc?
    • CRD  25 Jul 03:06 AM
        no i dont have any of those pages, I've had lego forever just never gotten seriously into custom builds
    • CRD  25 Jul 03:07 AM
        always tried to work off other designs, but with LDD now its so much easier
    • davidzq  25 Jul 03:07 AM
        I see. So plan on building in the city theme then?
    • CRD  25 Jul 03:24 AM
        yeah thats generally what I've been doing. Do you find you have to order a lot of extra parts to build your rigs/halls or have you been able to use pieces from old sets you've acquired?
    • davidzq  25 Jul 03:26 AM
        It depends on what you have, and what you want to build. Obviously bigger things, and more of them, require more parts. Higher detail also takes up parts. I am constantly ordering more parts, as are most people.
    • davidzq  25 Jul 03:26 AM
        But if you have a large collection already, it should last at least awhile.
    • davidzq  25 Jul 03:29 AM
        If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?
    • CRD  25 Jul 03:36 AM
        Only 19, lol.
    • davidzq  25 Jul 03:36 AM
        Old enough to have a job, and be able to buy your own lego!
    • davidzq  25 Jul 03:36 AM
        Do you know about BrickLink?
    • CRD  25 Jul 03:37 AM
        Hahaha exactly And no, is it a Lego marketplace or group or something?
    • davidzq  25 Jul 03:38 AM
        Exactly. Think of it like ebay, but exclusively for lego. You can buy individual parts, or sets. Anything EVER made by Lego can be bought. It's where everyone buys 90% of their parts.
    • davidzq  25 Jul 03:39 AM
        So you could design something on LDD, see what parts are missing in your collection, buy them on BL, and build away.
    • CRD  25 Jul 03:40 AM
        Oh okay awesome! And cheaper than buying straight from Lego.com I assume too?
    • davidzq  25 Jul 03:41 AM
        Most of the time. Of course there are other factors, such as new or used parts, where in the world your buying from, shipping costs, etc.
    • davidzq  25 Jul 03:43 AM
        Also bear in mind that on BL you can find all parts EVER made.....Including those that are no longer in production. And also parts in rare colors. So with LDD, you might use a part in a design, not realizing its a rare and expensive part.
    • CRD  25 Jul 03:53 AM
        Oh right makes sense
    • EHFDtower751  25 Jul 02:58 PM
        dont mind me buttin in, but if u order from lego.com fo rpick a brick it takes upwards of 3 weeks to get stuff. it ships from the lego warehouse in poland
    • Scotty Jones  25 Jul 08:48 PM
        hello guys, I go to Boy Scout Camp tomorrow.
    • boydcoo  25 Jul 09:41 PM
        Anyone have a good ambulance that is 8 studs high and can fit a regular strecther
    • legotom  25 Jul 10:38 PM
        hello whats up?
    • ~JD~  26 Jul 01:13 AM
        @Scott- You're a scout eh? What rank?
    • ~JD~  26 Jul 01:14 AM
        @EHFD- *Cough* you mean Denmark *cough*
    • ~JD~  26 Jul 01:15 AM
        Hey Tom!
    • Scotty Jones  26 Jul 01:52 AM
        @~JD~ Life, almost Eagle
    • ~JD~  26 Jul 02:33 AM
        Very nice Scott! I'm an Eagle myself! Made it last year. How close are you?
    • Scotty Jones  26 Jul 11:45 AM
        Three more required merit badges, getting one this week. Then a project and paperwork.
    • Brick Village Fire Dept  30 Jul 09:33 PM
        Hi all
    • Brick Village Fire Dept  30 Jul 09:33 PM
        What's happening
    • davidzq  31 Jul 12:41 AM
        Work work work work work....
    • Harrison McNeill  31 Jul 01:09 AM
        Same here David.
    • Lake Dodge Fire Rescue  31 Jul 01:28 AM
        Hey yall
    • davidzq  31 Jul 01:30 AM
    • Lake Dodge Fire Rescue  31 Jul 01:32 AM
        @Dakota, this is somewhat of a stupid question but where exactly are the groups located here. Been a long time since I used the feature so I don't have a spot to go back to
    • Lake Dodge Fire Rescue  31 Jul 01:33 AM
        Shoot, pressed the wrong face
    • davidzq  31 Jul 01:34 AM
        Forming an evil group?
    • Lake Dodge Fire Rescue  31 Jul 01:34 AM
    • Lake Dodge Fire Rescue  31 Jul 01:35 AM
        No I was looking for the facepalm one
    • Lake Dodge Fire Rescue  31 Jul 01:40 AM
        Part shortages suck
    • davidzq  31 Jul 01:40 AM
        That's what Bricklink is for
    • davidzq  31 Jul 01:41 AM
        But my issue is making 3 orders......and still needing parts....all on the same day/
    • Lake Dodge Fire Rescue  31 Jul 01:45 AM
        Sounds like a lovely life
    • Lake Dodge Fire Rescue  31 Jul 01:46 AM
        I try hitting up the PaB wall when possible though they don't always have the parts needed
    • Lake Dodge Fire Rescue  31 Jul 01:46 AM
        Sadly access to the PaB takes bit of a drive
    • davidzq  31 Jul 04:16 AM
        Which is why Bricklink was created.....USE IT!
    • Danbulance  31 Jul 07:23 AM
        PaB is sometimes cheaper and less shipping. Though bricklink has the selection.
    • HenryH BCFD  31 Jul 12:59 PM
        The only issue with PaB online is that it takes like a month to ship. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival ofy order so I can begin building se new rigs
    • HenryH BCFD  31 Jul 01:02 PM
        And autocorrect just butchered that >:-(
    • Graeme T  31 Jul 03:59 PM
        hello folks. hope all is going well.
    • Danbulance  31 Jul 06:29 PM
        I though PaB online was also more expensive too.
    • Martijn Meijdam  31 Jul 07:55 PM
        It is, if you have the right stores, you have a complete 6 wide Engine for 30 to 50 bucks, PaB its 70 to 90 bucks, depending on the kind of Engine.
    • joer  01 Aug 04:56 AM
    • Danbulance  01 Aug 05:50 AM
        Maybe the file size is too large? Or try a different site to host?
    • Scotty Jones  01 Aug 10:19 AM
        Back from BSA camp
    • Harrison McNeill  01 Aug 06:52 PM
        Off to work I go, see y'all either really late tonight or really early tomorrow moring
    • Scotty Jones  02 Aug 01:14 AM
        My company in NY just had a fully involved structure fire
    • Danbulance  02 Aug 06:38 AM
        Hope everyone is well, Scotty.
    • Scotty Jones  02 Aug 11:38 AM
        We are good, just a vacant house
    •  Evan M.  02 Aug 01:52 PM
        Howdy y'all
    • Zakk Keenan  02 Aug 05:21 PM
        What a week... I almost completely cut off the top inch of my middle finger (hilarious gauze wrap) and as a result, I dropped a rig and shattered it.
    • Zakk Keenan  02 Aug 05:23 PM
        I'm thinking Pierce Arrow Snorkel to replace the rearmount ladder i broke. Yes, I said Arrow, not Arrow XT.
    • HenryH BCFD  02 Aug 08:01 PM
        Too bad about the ladder and your finger. You gotta be extra careful with those fingers, it sure would be hard to build without them ;). I think an Arrow Snorkel could be really cool
    • Scotty Jones  02 Aug 11:30 PM
        Now we are talking, 1999 Pierce Arrow with an 85 foot boom!
    • Scotty Jones  12:09 PM
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